Monday 3 September 2012

Let's Start At The Very Beginning

My writing journey began *cough* years ago when I loved writing stories at school and was told that I was good at it.  This journey's destination though is completely up in the air right now. 

When I mention to other people that I’m trying to become a writer, at least 90% of them say that they‘ve always wanted to write a book too and would still like to…one day.

Can I actually succeed in becoming a published writer though or will I end the same way as most of these other wannabees, looking back with just regrets or a fantasy of what might have been?

Coming back to this neglected dream happened two years ago at Newday, an annual Christian youth event.  That year there was a strong focus in the talks and seminars on creativity, and writing was included in that.  God had started reminding me about my long-held desire to write just before then, but while at Newday He clearly told me to be a writer (that might sound slightly wacky, but there you go!).

Unfortunately He didn’t tell me what sort of writer to be or what to write, so I spent the first year faffing around waiting for more inspiration and not really getting anywhere.  He also didn’t mention that I was still gonna have to put in some hard work and determination, like everyone else.  Despite my best hopes, a story wasn’t going to suddenly come supernaturally flying into my head fully formed, as Salieri alleges Mozart’s symphonies did in my favourite play/film “Amadeus”.

So, a year later, I’m back at Newday, and at the beginning of the first meeting, God gives me a gentle but powerful reminder of His commission!  This video is playing (make sure you view it on full-screen!), I go “wow” and God goes “yes, words are pretty powerful, hey?!”  Ah….yes…sorry, I’ll get on with this writer thing then…

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